About us.


We are a small group of Amateur Radio operators.  This is not a club.  We are like minded hams that wish to promote the radio art and enjoyment of the hobby by our fellow operators.   

Our repeaters are coordinated by the official coordinating body: SERA (https://sera.org/). Details on our machines are current at repeaterbook.com.    


KI4FVI Stan – Internet network infrastructure at the repeater sites, Asterisk/ASL infrastructure and analog linking, ASL hubs, inter-operation with neighboring repeater networks.     


W9KLS Dana – Construction, tower, parts department, other support. 


K1KC Chris – Tower, antennas, feedline.


W4NOC Ken – Repeater maintenance, electrical protection, P25 and Asterisk/ASL network infrastructure.


NET Coordination – Georgia Repeater Operators in Henry, Butts, Rockdale, Newton, Jasper, Spalding, Clayton, Fulton, Forsyth, Morgan counties should contact Stan KI4FVI for net coordination.  Anyone anywhere should contact Stan before you schedule a NET on this system.  He will ask few questions to ensure nets do not collide.  Don’t hesitate to connect to any of our Asterisk/ASL nodes (419762, 40804, 29910, 47280, 27201) or to the P25 TG555 in an emergency.  Ongoing nets may require programmatic changes to our automated schedules on several LINUX servers. 



Linked repeater networks and repeaters are successful when they are used. 




9 September 2023